Movie filming hot spots in downtown Asheville Tuesday and Wednesday: BB&T, courthouse, diner, former bank

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The Hollywood movie crew making the Loomis Fargo/unnamed armored car movie will take to downtown Asheville streets Tuesday and Wednesday for filming. The movie shoot hot spots include the streets around the BB&T building; the front of the Buncombe County Courthouse; the front (and inside) the former Blue Ridge Savings Bank on Pack Square; and College and Broadway streets.


The filming will make getting around downtown Asheville tricky. Look for road closures, as well as some intermittent traffic control on a variety of streets. Details, and maps, of the Loomis Fargo movie shoot in downtown Asheville here.


On Monday, there’s plenty of action inside the former Blue Ridge Savings Bank on Pack Square as crews prepped for the shoot. Also, an old Loomis Fargo armored car was spotted cruising down Broadway.

Here are a few other random tidbits about the movie production:

-Sources tell me that Owen Wilson has finished his portion of filming in Asheville and has left town.

-Wall Street Cheat Sheet recently published a list of Owen Wilson’s 12 Best Movie Roles. Bottle Rocket and Wedding Crashers are on the list.


-The party scene shot in Waynesville was a pool party scene.


-Candace Blanchard is an Asheville model and actress with extensive credits. She landed a role as actor Ken Marino’s girlfriend in the Loomis Fargo flick, so be on the lookout for her to have some screen time. (Marino plays a guy named Doug who lives in an upscale neighborhood and gets ticked off when the members of the heist gang move in next door.)









PRESS RELEASE – 3/19/2014


Most people who know Candace Blanchard know her as a mom, Charlotte resident or Mrs. NC America 2011, but the world is about to see a new side. As the co-star of the NC based film Curfew, she replaces the crown with something a little more gruesome. “This is one film my children will not be allowed to see,” said Candace.





















Director and author Richard Clark, Jr., who wrote the script for the forthcoming thriller ‘Curfew’ with Ryen W. Thomas, Colby Hopkins and Rodney Stringfellow, has released the first trailer for the smart and sexy Hitchcock-style thriller. Come on inside and check it out. You can also get involved and help get ‘Curfew in front of audiences nationwide.



Candace plays the role of an innocent and naive office worker Janet Miles decides to seduce her boss as a last ditch effort to land a big promotion, but she gets more than she bargained for. Quickly, Janet realizes that, and a night in the office can be a killer. Can Janet join forces with her new boss to survive the night?









Curfew produced by iNDEE, which is an independent film studio in Gastonia, NC, that will offer space and services to passionate creatives. Over the past two years, the iNDEE team has produced four feature films, over one hundred episodes of nationally televised programming as well as numerous spec pilots.



Currently, iNDEE is seeking funding via Indiegogo Campaign to get the ‘Curfew’, starring Candace Matthews Blanchard, Thomas L. Beck, Dale Virgina Deacon, Zendyn Duellman, Carla Cloud and Chad Brown in front of audiences nationwide. If you like the teaser below and would like to see ‘Curfew’, head on over to their campaign and get involved if you can.


View the latest trailer:


Press release and blog post credit:The iNDEE Studios, North Carolina and




Curfew - You Can't Always Get What You Want


By Dan Thornton on March 20, 2014 8:10 AM|


Here is a riveting portrayal of a woman, Janet Miles, played by Candace Blanchard, who tries to seduce her boss (Thomas L. Beck) in order to get a promotion. She gets more than she bargained for.The movie is complete and is being produced by THE iNDEE in Gastonia, North Carolina. THE iNDEE provides creative space for filmmakers, artists, and musicians with editing bays, green screens, sets, and sound stages. They also help develop, produce, and distribute television and film projects.Since the movie is essentially finished all that's left to do is the distribution of Curfew. There is a campaign underway at to help fund the distribution of the movie across the U.S.



Here's your chance to help and get credit for it as well with the perks they are offering for contributors.Go to the link below, watch the incredible trailer, then decide if you'd like to take advantage of this opportunity to participate.Watch the Curfew Trailer Here Curfew "Janet" Promo from THE iNDEE on Vimeo. -




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